What You Will Discover In This Book

  • Two Common Misconceptions

    Two common misconceptions that can be tossed.

  • Are You Parent Material?

    Are you parent material? Take the Quiz to find out if you have what it takes.

  • Freedom-Do Childless Women Take It For Granted?

    A candid discussion on the definition of "Freedom" and the assumptions that are sometimes made.

  • A Woman's Biological Clock

    An interesting look at how a woman's biological clock works. This might surprise you!

  • "You Just Don't Like Children"-Myth or Truth?

    Author shares her "black hole" theory on this common assumption..

  • Phobic About Giving Birth? Is There Such A Thing?

    Is there such a thing as being "Phobic" about giving birth? A vivid discussion on the subject..

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Did You Know...

This Interesting Fact?.

In 2008, 24% of women between the ages of 40-44 who held a bachelor’s degree, refrained from entering into the nine-month birthing cycle? It’s okay to be Childless. Being childless is not a movement. It’s not a revolution. Being childless can be a good decision for you! Your decision to remain childless doesn’t need validation.

  • It's Okay to Be Childless.
  • Your Decision Doesn't Need Validation From Others..
  • Being Childless Is Not A Movement, Just a Choice..

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Author Marian L. Thomas

Are You A Empty Carriage Woman?

"Women today are empowering themselves. They are defining who they are and that’s what being an empty carriage woman is all about.  Being an empty carriage woman goes beyond the usually stigma of just saying I’m childless by choice. It tells people that you’re okay with your decision. You’re okay with where you are in life. You’re making the decision not to push the carriage or fill it for that matter. For some, this is a life-long decision, for others, it’s a decision for now or even a decision for the next three to five years. Whatever the case; being an empty carriage woman makes you a strong woman who has made valid decisions for her life."

Visit the Author’s Website: http://www.marianlthomas.com

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